Alternative Risk Transfer

Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) - blended risk retention/transfer solutions which serve as an alternative to, or enhancement of, conventional commercial insurance - is growing in popularity as multinationals seek bespoke flexibility for an increasing array of risk scenarios.

At Alternative Risk Transfer we create innovative tailored insurance, reinsurance and other non-traditional risk management solutions for a wide range of corporate and financial clients globally. We specialize in helping clients mitigate their most complex risks with bespoke multiyear and multi-line agreements covering a broad range of risks, leveraging our expertise in alternative risk transfer and the global capabilities of the Allianz Group.

Structured insurance programs are tailored solutions, designed to respond to a client’s particular risk management needs. The multi-year and/or multi-line nature of these solutions means the client is able to manage the volatility emanating from partially retained risks efficiently over longer periods. These programs often include profit sharing elements and can also include risks for which traditional insurance is unavailable and/or emerging risks.
Customized solutions provided on a multi-line basis designed to replace, bundle or complement a client’s existing mono-line program. A key feature is that we can offer a stable premium over a multi-year period in return for a stretched aggregate limit across all risks. Flexible integrated capacity can be utilized at different attachment points depending on client needs and locks in cover over the program term.
We provide fronting solutions with or without risk transfer involved even if a multi-country approach is not required. The main differentiator versus traditional insurance lines is the multiline and/or multi-year nature of the solution. Often times this involves a captive or protected cell company to reinsure the risk as a whole or parts of it.

Tailored solution designed to provide stop loss protection excess of an aggregated attachment for retentions across multiple lines of business. Once combined losses within the retentions exceed the basket aggregate attachment, Alternative Risk Transfer pays the difference up to the basket limit. Basket aggregates work well for clients who have, or are considering, sizeable retentions and deductibles for multiple lines.

It can also function as a stepping stone for clients who are considering captive formation but are not ready to commit time and capital.

Alternative Risk Transfer Captive Fronting draws on our considerable experience in insurance program design and management to deliver a range of global fronting solutions. From coordinated standalone local placements to fully integrated International Insurance Programs, we adopt a modular approach to program design to ensure our captive clients are fully covered wherever their business takes them. Our extensive global network comprising Allianz offices and carefully selected partners offers a wealth of underwriting, risk management, policy servicing and claims expertise in more than 200 countries and territories.
The key components of parametric solutions are the triggering event and the pay-out mechanism. Instead of directly calculating the actual loss incurred by the client, parametric insurance covers the occurrence of a predefined event and pays out according to a predefined scheme. Events may refer to an index-based trigger or threshold or an event within a defined area. This structure offers benefits beyond expanding coverage. The pay-out mechanism is driven by the event meeting or breaching the predefined threshold which results in payout of the predefined sum insured. It also reduces complexity from the loss investigation process and provides greater certainty of loss payment recovery compared to traditional insurance products. Therefore, parametric insurance provides clients with confidence when it comes to liquidity and speed of payout where predictive loss methods fall short and allows clients to better align their risk management goals with their financial objectives.
Alternative Risk Transfer's capabilities are not limited to the above programs and can be utilized to address a wide range of client concerns. Other innovative solutions designed for Alternative Risk Transfer clients include captive stop loss programs as well as structures with second event, parametric and dual trigger components. Ultimately, Alternative Risk Transfer will assemble a diverse team of experts to understand your business, the risks you manage and your risk transfer goals. This highly consultative, in-depth process results in superior programs tailored to your company’s needs.
At Alternative Risk Transfer we create innovative tailored insurance, reinsurance and other non-traditional risk management solutions for a wide range of corporate and financial clients globally. We are actively looking to partner with clients across all our specialism, with a particular focus on:

Structured multi-year/multi-line solutions

  • Address gaps caused by non-availability of traditional cover, e.g., Commercial Auto, Property, D&O
  • Often contain elements of risk financing/profit sharing, for clients who want to retain risk, but still need to manage volatility
  • Bespoke solutions that manage risk in an integrated way across lines and years
  • Long term arrangements, but able to adapt as needs change

Captive Solutions

  • Multi-line and multi-year global fronting as a stand-alone service
  • Structured per event and aggregate excess of loss captive reinsurance

Virtual Captive Solutions

  • Insurance framework designed to create the economic benefits of a captive, when an actual captive is not a viable option


  • Broad range of P&C lines of business or a combination thereof,
  • Can include both traditional and non-traditional elements,
    including parametric triggers
  • Global Fronting capability expands across 200+ countries and on a multi-line and multi-year basis, if needed
  • Transactions up to 5 years tenure
  • Capacity typically €25mn per occurrence, €50mn per annum, but can be higher depending on structure
AGCS will consider every risk on its own merit. Capacity and coverage offered to individual clients subject to hazard, Nat Cat exposure, grading, terms & conditions.
The products and services described on this page may not be available in all AGCS locations. Please contact your local office for full information on local product availability.
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