AMS’s Seamless Light Mast

The AMS Telescopic Light Mast frees up deck space and ensures clean aesthetics.

AMS Telescopic Light
The AMS Telescopic Light Mast doesn’t use external rigging or an external cable reel. Courtesy AMS

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Advanced Mechanical Solutions’ Telescopic Light Mast can disappear flush into a deck. It’s a vertically articulating mast that uses an internal spiral cable, an internal spring, and a freshwater rinsing system instead of external rigging or an external cable reel. The mast’s internal spring is tensioned when it’s extended, and AMS created a spiral cable that expands and contracts (think Slinky) by 26.25 feet.

The system has four water nozzles inside a belowdecks tube that clean each section as the mast articulates.

One big challenge when creating the Telescopic Light Mast was supporting the spar at extension. The solution, the company says, uses “a spring in the system between the hydraulic cylinder and the upper tube,” providing stability in rough seas.

Suit to Fit

The mast is intended for yachts at least 164 feet length overall, and it’s controlled via a hydraulic pump and dedicated touchscreen. AMS can fabricate custom lengths, but most systems have a mast that stands 26.25 feet above the deck. The Light Mast consists of three carbon-fiber sections that range in diameter from 10 to 14 inches. The standard system weighs 1,653 pounds; however, a lighter version (880 pounds) is available.

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