Inland Marine Insurance

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) is a leader in inland marine insurance and related property coverage across North America and in various worldwide locations.

Our Inland Marine and Related Property Insurance solutions cover over 100 classes of business, covering all aspects of moving or movable property.

Whether it's a building under construction or a shipment of an original Picasso, our inland marine insurance underwriters can provide you with flexible and creative solutions for the most challenging of inland marine exposures.

Given our global reach, we can respond quickly to your needs with a comprehensive suite of solutions, tailored to your local area, conditions and challenges.

We offer specialized coverage for providers of communications services and organizations that rely on technical and scientific equipment, including products for:

  • Cable television
  • Electronic equipment
  • Medical imaging/diagnostic equipment
  • Physicians and surgeons(office and medical equipment)
  • Broadcasters equipment
  • Scientific instruments
  • Telecommunications equipment

We offer real estate developers, contractors, subcontractors, architects and property owners coverage for buildings that are under construction, renovation or repair, including:

  • Builders risk
  • Contractors equipment
  • Installation floaters
  • Construction block
  • Riggers liability
  • Related property

We provide a full range of products and services tailored for truckers, warehousers, shippers and logistical operators, including:

  • Motor truck cargo
  • Commercial transits
  • Warehouse liability
  • Railroad rolling stock

Allianz’s program development process is geared to quick answers and fast delivery to market. Many programs are written by program administrators with wholesale capability and may be open to Allianz retail brokers, including:

  • Auto parts manufacturers
  • Cell phone towers
  • Drones
  • Fixed base operators
  • Mobile medical equipment
  • Wind and solar energy
  • ...and many more.

We offer property coverage to complement all our Inland Marine and marine segments as well as write light to medium hazard property on a mono-line basis whether related to Marine or not.

Desired occupancies include:

  • Contractors
  • Health care facilities/clinics (i.e., doctor / dental offices, physical therapy clinics, patient care facilities, surgical centers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities),
  • Public buildings/recreational facilities
  • Service business (i.e., accountants, engineers, architects, banks, contracting, computer facilities, counseling, law firms, employment offices, non-profit, fund raising, insurance, appraisal/ inspection services, ticket agencies, travel agencies and security guard services)
  • Museums/galleries
Our Inland Marine underwriters have the flexibility and creativity to design tailored solutions. Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty writes more than 100 classes of Inland Marine business, including;

Inland marine floaters communication/technology

  • Communications/technology
  • Miscellaneous
  • Transportation Insurance
  • Motor truck cargo
  • Auto physical damage
  • Warehouse legal liability
  • Railroad rolling stock
  • Construction Insurance
  • Contractors’ equipment
  • Builder’s risk and installation floaters

Marine-Related Property

  • Light to medium hazard
with a particular focus on motor truck cargo, builder’s risk, contractor’s equipment and related property (light to medium hazard property on a mono-line basis whether related to marine or not).
AGCS will consider every risk on its own merit. Capacity and coverage offered to individual clients subject to hazard, Nat Cat exposure, grading, terms & conditions.
The products and services described on this page may not be available in all AGCS locations. Please contact your local office for full information on local product availability.
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