Liability Insurance

Liability insurance exposures can arise from many sources, from third party actions, products or emerging risks to environmental disasters. Businesses of all sizes need a long-term insurance partner with the experience and capacity to respond to this ever-changing liability environment. 

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty's (AGCS) Liability Insurance teams can provide you with cover tailored to your needs. We serve a diverse client list, which includes pharmaceutical manufacturers, construction companies, power and utility companies, automotive manufacturers, and specialized SMEs and mid-corporate businesses. 

We offer a wide range of general and specialist liability insurance solutions, covering personal or bodily injury, property damage and (pure) financial loss. These can be provided through individual primary policies, excess layers and umbrella policies, or  global insurance solutions for multiple risks in multiple locations.

AGCS offers a range of general and specialist liability insurance products, covering personal or bodily injury, property damage and pure financial loss.
Our specialist Clinical Trials insurance team provides cover for all phases of clinical trials. This is an additional product to the public and product liability cover.
AGCS helps your company evaluate, mitigate, and protect against environmental risks, with tailored solutions in the areas of premises pollution and contracting pollution.
Liability cover for manufacturers, suppliers, airports, airfields, refuellers and more.
Our marine liability solutions provide cover for primary, excess, and other marine liability.
We provide insurance solutions that address the liabilities of managers and professionals.
AGCS will consider every risk on its own merit. Capacity and coverage offered to individual clients subject to hazard, Nat Cat exposure, grading, terms & conditions.
The products and services described on this page may not be available in all AGCS locations. Please contact your local office for full information on local product availability.
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Watch the video on Carol Laufer, Regional Head of Liability at AGCS North America, to hear first-hand how AGCS helps brokers and their clients address their risk management needs.
Larry Crotser, Regional Head of Key Case Management, North America, further explains what social inflation is as it relates to commercial insurance and why this trend is increasing in the US and abroad.  He also addresses how it has become a major narrative in courtrooms and why American juries are more likely to award claimants by triggering the “reptilian brain.” 

Allianz Risk Barometer

  1. Cyber incidents (44%) - 2021 rank: 3 (40%)
  2. Business interruption (42%) - 2021 rank: 1 (41%)
  3. Natural catastrophes (25%) - 2021 rank: 6 (17%)
Our mobile app is a useful resource center for all our clients and brokers in North America. It features company information, product sheets and risk appetites for every line of business and service, and contact information for underwriters and other key members of the organization.
The Allianz Group offers a wide range of products, services, and solutions in insurance and asset management and operates as an international insurer on almost every continent.
With our worldwide network, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) is one of the very few global insurers with an exclusive focus on the needs of global corporate and specialty clients.